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Waiting is easy…

As long as there’s wifi.

onlijinimii sent: hi :)


I’m glad I met you, I hope you know that.

⬇Uy mag thank you ka naman kay God sa mga blessings mo.

Oo, inaamin ko. OA ako! As in OVER ATTRACTIVE!

⬇️ Uy, kilala mo pa pala ako. Ano kailangan mo?
Very accurate nung commercial ng “Lucky Me” tapos… NE BEYEN!
Why am I still single?
Brain: you're weird as hell
Body: and you're fat
Face: plus you're ugly
Food: but I'm here for you
I like to stay in my room and lay in my bed in a cold rainy morning with my fave songs playing on and a cold iced tea on the desk 😌
hababmarley sent: Hi! Papromote :P

Follow niyo raw po si bespren ⬆️⬆️⬆️

Hetalia: Axis Powers - Ukraine